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Rules for Play at Fox Run Golf Course in Ardrossan

The staff at Fox Run Golf Course Ltd is pleased to welcome the public to our well-tended, 18-hole golf course in Ardrossan. Our course recognizes Golf Canada’s rules as well as our own local rules. Whichever set of rules you and your golf partners decide to follow, you’re sure to enjoy your day at Fox Run Golf Course!

Golf Canada Rules

Formerly the Royal Canadian Golf Association, Golf Canada’s rules of the game are listed below.

  • Staked or ribonned trees: relief plus one club length (rule 20)
  • Out of bounds: white stakes, boundary fences, parking lot, driving range, left side #15 and right side #18
  • Water hazard: yellow stakes (rule 26)
  • Lateral water hazard: red stakes (rule 26)

Local Rules

Fox Run Golf Course also follows local rules to ensure our visitors enjoy their day on the links!

  • The first player to the tee hits when ready and the fairway is open (this replaces the honour system).
  • On the fairway, when a player is ready to hit, when the way to the green is clear and when the player can hit safely, the player hits.
  • The course should be played in 4 ¼ hours. The Marshall on the course is there to assist you. He has absolute authority over conduct and speed of play.
  • Carts must be kept away from trees and aprons.
  • Roads, cartpaths, pipelines, sprinklers, GUR and staked trees are a free drop 2 club lengths no closer to the hole.
  • Winter rules are in effect when playing through the fairways. Lie may be improved but not stance.
  • Proper golf dress is required.
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